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    HDPE Double-Wall Corrugated Pipes

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    Product Description


    Buried polyethylene (PE) double-wall corrugated pipe, is polyethylene (PE) resin as the main raw material, adding necessary to improve the performance of additives, plastics extrusion. The wall section is a double layer structure, the inner wall is smooth, the outer wall of a pipe with equally spaced trapezoidal or arcuate hollow structure. Its special structure, attractive appearance, good ring stiffness, diameter, and has good flexibility and low temperature impact performance, flexible interface with flexible rubber ring, connecting reliable, easy to leakage, moving

    Convenient transportation construction, large diameter buried plastic drainage outfall preferred varieties.

    Application Field:

    1, municipal engineering rainwater, sewage;
    2, ventilation, drainage works;
    3, industrial wastewater, residential emissions project;
    4, agricultural irrigation and drainage;
    5, communication cable sheathing, electrical cable sheathing;
    6. Project borehole drilling pipe (perforated wall bellows);
    7. Salt Brine, water fisheries;
    8, hydraulic engineering;

      Product characteristics:

     1, the special structure, attractive appearance, energy efficient, low cost of project;
    2, light weight, convenient loading and unloading;
    3, convenient and quick construction, saving construction costs, reliable connection, easy to leak;
    4, ring stiffness, excellent resistance to external pressure performance. Good low temperature resistance, impact resistance;
    5, good to bypass resistance, uneven settlement performance, can be used in soft soil foundation of quicksand;
    6, wall smooth, fluid resistance, no scaling, wear, through water and strong;
    7, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally friendly, long service life.

    Product specifications

    Dimensions: DN200mm-DN1200mm

    Unit Length: 5.8meters or 6 meters or as per customers' request

    Wall thickness: Customized

    Ring stiffness: SN4 SN8

    Colors: double black, blue+ black,

    Connection: Rubber circle joint, buttfusion joint

    Standard: ISO9001:2008

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